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Saving Your Laptop (Or Other Device) From Liquid Damage


Liquid and computers are generally not two things that play well together. In fact, a cup of coffee or a can of coke can be more lethal to your trusty laptop than a Kryptonite enema would be for Superman. In such an event there are some general rules that could help to save your laptop or other electronic device:

Please note, the faster you apply the following steps the better the chances of the laptop/computer or other device's survival:

  • Flip the device over to let the liquid drain away from crucial components. 
  • Immediately remove all sources of power from the device such as the charger/adapter and battery (as long as safe to do so).
  • Do not attempt to turn the device back on until you are 100% sure the device is completely dry and clear of any residue left by the spillage. 
  • If the liquid is anything other than water you should have the computer or device looked at by professionals who can disassemble the device and clean any residue and improve the chances of survival.
Some liquids are more likely to cause issues than others. If water is the offending liquid you have a better chance of the device being saved, although, even water (unless distilled) can leave a residue that could, short connections and damage or kill the device permanently. Some of the worst possible types of liquid to spill on an electronic device are:

  • Coffee
  • Fruit Juices
  • Fizzy drinks (especially cola)
  • Wine

I can't stress highly enough the importance of removing all power immediately from the device. If you act quickly enough you may be able to stop the liquid before it bridges two points on the PCB (printed circuit board) that should never connect (as seen in the image below), as such a connection is likely to be fatal. Safe computing everyone.

By Jamie Mulvey

(A bridged connection between two resistors on a coffee damaged motherboard)